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One of Beck&Call Hospitality’s core values is conscious community connection. 

Down Below you can check out some of the events Beck&Call Hospitality is 

participating in within the community.

Join the Beck&Call Book Club
as we read from black authors across
all genres bi-monthly!

#RedefiningHospitality Through A Cultural Lens

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 Both the Corporate Founder’s Plaques, Founder’s Plaque, and the At Your Beck&Call Bag are exclusive to the campaign. 

Grab them now before our campaign ends!

After 4 months of crowdfunding, we are getting ready for our next phase:


Interested in a stake in Beck&Call Hospitality? 

 Email stay@yourbeckandcall.co for more information!

Our Past Events

Houston Black History Tour!

Freedom Call Juneteenth Dinner

R&B Yoga with Inga!

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